One or more of your Slack Workspaces can be added to your FileShadow account along with the other supported file sources.

First, you need to link your FileShadow account with your Slack Workspace.

  • Once you are in your FileShadow account, navigate to the Manage section in the lower left and select the Sources button, a list of current sources will be displayed. If this is your first source the list may be empty.
  • Selecting the Link Source in the Actions section displayes a panel from which you can choose the supported vendors, in this case Slack.
  • Sign-in to your Slack Workspace.

NOTE: If you are signed into multiple Slack Workspaces please watch the video above.

Once your Slack Workspace is linked, FileShadow can start gathering the attachments into FileShadow from messages, the ones you have sent and those sent to you.

You may send a file along with a message to a Slack Workspace channel from within FileShadow.

  • Select the file you would like to send. Selecting the thumbnail from the main Vault view will display the Details view, and from there you select the Send In Slack button on the left.
  • A dialog is displayed where you can select the Slack Workspace and channel, or channels you want to send the message to. Type out the message, and hit Send.
  • That’s it. You’re done.