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Naomi, a FileShadow user
I have many clients use FileShadow, so we have a single place to share documents.
Alex, a FileShadow user
I teach a virtual class in photography and I needed a way for students to turn in assignments and profile their work. The combination of Slack and FileShadow worked for both.
Isaac, a FileShadow user
Phones and laptops are always being ruined or lost on our digs. We use FileShadow because we know our photos from all of our devices are safe in the cloud.
Beth, a FileShadow user
I have a very large family that lives in three different countries. I use my FileShadow web page to share everyone's family photos.

FileShadow is Your Private Library

Gather all of your photos and files from the cloud, desktop and mobile devices in one place
Edit locally and keep track of all the revisions
Blend voice and photos to complete the story
Preserve email messages with attachments
Forget folder and filenames, just use the search engine to fine what you are looking for
Share collections of files with anyone with a private website gallery you can setup in minutes

Global Service Delivery

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User Testimonials

Knowing a file is out there somewhere and not being able to find it is one of the most frustrating experiences for a user. Having to recreate a document that is already out there is even more so. In the desktop as a service market, not being able to deliver files to VDI users is beyond frustrating; it can be a project stopper. FileShadow resolves all these issues, eliminating frustrations and keeping cloud virtual desktop projects on-track.

George Crump

President & Founder, Storage Switzerland, LLC

FileShadow makes it possible for you to conveniently search for and access files from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, MacBook or Windows from a single and secure location. Adding to this functionality, FileShadow has recently announced the addition of custom tagging capabilities… Users can select one file or as many files as they want to adjust. They can add new tags, or edit or remove any auto-generated tags that aren’t relevant to their files in the vault. Being a file management OCD kind of person, this seems pretty cool to me!

David J Crewe

Editor, Author, Photographer

I use a range of cloud-based storage because I work with a wide range of clients from around the world, and I do not expect them to change their platform to appease me. If you're like most designers or entrepreneurs, you've got files in Dropbox, iCloud, Box, Google Drive, and so on... [FileShadow’s] ultimate goal is to help people protect their assets, have easy access to them, and to offer this without them having to move everything around. Their system doesn't force users to change their process... it runs on top of it, which is a win-win if I've ever heard of one.

Tracy Leigh Hazzard

CEO, Hazz Design

When we incorporated FileShadow for Virtual Desktops with our Amazon Workspaces, we were able to share, save and preserve every iteration throughout our programmable logic controller (PLC) design workflow. FileShadow is a real game changer.

Fred Whitridge

President & Founder, Archipelago Corp.