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Even if you have terabytes of data, stored among multiple clouds and devices, finding your files and photos should always be safe, quick and easy. This is precisely the reason FileShadow was created. We aggregate from multiple clouds and storage sources into one secure, searchable cloud vault, so that your data is always at your fingertips - from any device or virtual desktop - whenever, and wherever you need it.


Search Through all your Cloud & Locally Stored Files From one Place

SLR Lounge: In case you were like me and didn’t know, FileShadow makes it possible for you to conveniently search for and access files from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Macbook or Windows from a single and secure location...

July 8, 2019
Custom Tagging Capabilities now Available for FileShadow Vault Files

FileShadow, Inc, a cloud service provider, has added custom tagging capabilities, allowing users to organize files and photos stored in their FileShadow cloud vault...

June 28, 2019
FileShadow Creates Search Tags Across Various Photo Storage Services

The Phoblographer: Heads up, FileShadow users! The company has recently announced the addition of custom tagging capabilities to the service...

June 23, 2019
File Tagging by FileShadow

Blocks and Files: The FileShadow products, hosted on Google Cloud and IBM Cloud, combine remote and local files into a metadata-described vault, making their files and photos searchable and available...

June 21, 2019
FileShadow Introduces "Custom tagging"

The Daily Herald: FileShadow users can now organize their files and photos stored by using custom search tags, a capability introduced by Provo-based FileShadow, Inc. this week...

June 20, 2019
FileShadow Announces Custom Tagging

Utah Business: FileShadow, Inc. today announces the addition of custom tagging capabilities, allowing users to organize files and photos stored in their FileShadow cloud vault by using custom search tags...

June 19, 2019

Our Team

Since the launch of his first venture, LAN Systems, in 1983, Tyrone has founded and led more than 10 companies. His journey has included self-funded launches (such as his current company, FileShadow, Inc.), as well as venture-funded startups, sojourns in some of the largest technology companies (Intel, Citrix, Ungermann-Bass) and even a few IPOs. He has held numerous top executive positions within software, software systems integration and networking infrastructure companies with expertise spanning a wide range of domain areas: cloud computing, messaging, archiving, disaster recovery, networking and Web services. Tyrone is the Founder and CEO of FileShadow, Inc. and currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Solid Instance, Inc. He holds an AB in Architecture from Princeton University.
Jeff has been working in software development for over 35 years, both as an engineer, in engineering management, product management, and product placement strategies. He is currently the Vice President of Engineering at FileShadow, Inc. and has worked for a variety of large companies such as WordPerfect, Novell, Apple Computer, and Corel and small companies such as AccessData, eDepoze, and FileShadow. He has been involved in the production of numerous software packages predominantly focused on business productivity in a collaborative environment, focusing on the needs of individual entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and everything in between. Jeff holds a BS/CS degree with an emphasis in computer science from Brigham Young University.
Andrew is the acting CFO of FileShadow, Inc. He has over 25 years’ experience in the finance industry, with a broad perspective on strategy and execution coupled with a willingness to drive down to the details. He has a history of making order out of chaos, simplicity from complexity, demystifying processes, and creating sustainable business models. Andrew’s specialties are: M&A, SarBox, competitive analysis, and revenue recognition. Andrew holds a MBA from Columbia University and a BA in economics and business administration from Principia college.


What’s the red triangle next to my file or thumbnail?

We’re so glad you asked! The red triangle, or “twiddle” as we like to call it, means that the file has been edited. If you click on the twiddle it will turn to point down and expand to show the history of the file. To contract the edit history, simply click on the twiddle again.

How do I assign a location to a file?

To assign a geographic location or “geo location” to a file, check mark the file, then click the pin icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen. The “Set File Location” window will be displayed. You can set the location by manipulating the map to the desired location and double-clicking or type in the location and press ENTER. You can also enter latitude and longitude coordinates. Any file type can have a location associated with it.

Will FileShadow automatically Geotag my photos?

If GPS/location is enabled on your camera/phone at the time a picture is taken, FileShadow will automatically read the location from the metadata and geotag the photo for you. If not, or if the photo was not taken with a device that allows geolocation tagging, you can tag your photos manually once they have been uploaded into FileShadow.

How do I upload files from my local storage (hard drive, etc.)?

To upload local files and folders you will need to install the FileShadow Desktop Client. Open FileShadow in your web browser, go to the Storage Accounts screen (click the Cloud icon in the upper right corner), then click the “Download Mac” or “Download Windows” button on the upper right.  An executable file will be downloaded; run that executable.  When the install is complete, launch the desktop client.  You will login with the same credentials as your web account.

The first screen displayed is the Preferences dialog.  Choose the folders you wish to upload and click APPLY.

To view the files uploaded:

  • For Windows, expand the Tool Tray, right-click on the FS icon, and choose “View Files”.
  • For Mac, click the FS icon on the Status menu, and choose “View Files”.

To upload individual files:

  • For Windows, expand the Tool Tray, right-click the FS icon, and choose “Upload Files”.
  • For Mac, click the FS icon on the Status menu, and choose “Upload Files”.

What happens if FileShadow encounters a file infected with a virus?

Most cloud storage vendors do not allow FileShadow to acquire infected files. Should this occur, infected files will not be copied to your FileShadow account. However, a vendor may not identify an infected file if the file scanner is not current, or if files are infected before a virus is identified. Fileshadow does scan files before they are downloaded and you can choose if you want to download the file or not.

Why are there files in FileShadow that I don’t see on my GoogleDrive?

Upon occasion folders and files on GoogleDrive become disconnected and you can no longer navigate to them by drilling down through the folders; though if you know the name of the file you can search for it. When FileShadow encounters files or folders like this, they are “attached” to the root folder and treated just like any other file on your GoogleDrive.

Are all file operations done on Lightroom Photos being recorded by FileShadow?

No. Currently Lightroom Photos does not notify FileShadow immediately when changes to a file occurs; for instance renaming a file, or moving a file to another folder. However, FileShadow preforms hourly scans of your files registering any modifications.

Are all file operations done on Creative Cloud being recorded by FileShadow?

No. Currently CreativeCloud does not notify FileShadow immediately when changes to a file occur; for instance, renaming a file, or moving a file to another folder. However, FileShadow preforms a nightly scan of your files and registers any unreported modifications.

Where do I find the FileShadow application on my Drobo 5N, 5N2, 810n?

Administrators can find the FileShadow application in the Drobo Dashboard, appearing in the "Popular", "Cloud" and "Remote Apps" categories. You can always find the FileShadow App in the "All" category, and after it is installed it will appear in the "Installed" category.

Does FileShadow retain any of my cloud storage login credentials?

No. FileShadow uses a technology named OAuth2; a protocol with which FileShadow can access data stored in your cloud storage account without any of your account and password information.

Does FileShadow support Boolean searching?

Yes. By default FileShadow automatically configures each search request to return the best results for most users. However, you can use Boolean operators to yield a more targeted search result. Please note that all automatic rules are disabled when a search term includes any boolean operator. Supported boolean operators include: Use an OR between terms where either terms exist anywhere in the text of a document. Use an AND between terms where both terms exist anywhere in the text of a document. Use NOT to exclude documents that contain the term after NOT. Use a * (asterisk) to designate a multi-character wildcard search. Use the ? to designate a single character wildcard search. Enclose a phrase with quote marks (“”) to search for a specific set of terms, such as "zip code”. Grouping (advanced): This boolean search option supports the use of parentheses to group clauses to form sub queries. Grouping can be very useful if you want to control the logic for a query. To search for either "takeover" or "listing" and "code" use the query: (takeover OR listing) AND code.


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