Access your data
on any device, at any time,
from your own secure cloud vault.


We make digital asset management
quick, safe, and easy.

Even if you have terabytes of data, stored among multiple clouds and devices, finding your files and photos should always be safe, quick and easy. This is precisely the reason FileShadow was created. We aggregate from multiple clouds and storage sources into one secure, searchable cloud vault, so that your data is always at your fingertips - from any device or virtual desktop - whenever, and wherever you need it.

Our Team

Tyrone Pike, President and CEO of FileShadow
Tyrone Pike
P‍resident & CEO

Since the launch of his first venture, LAN Systems, in 1983, Tyrone has founded and led more than 10 companies. His journey has included self-funded launches (such as his current company, FileShadow, Inc.), as well as venture-funded startups, sojourns in some of the largest technology companies (Intel, Citrix, Ungermann-Bass) and even a few IPOs. He has held numerous top executive positions within software, software systems integration and networking infrastructure companies with expertise spanning a wide range of domain areas: cloud computing, messaging, archiving, disaster recovery, networking and Web services. Tyrone is the Founder and CEO of FileShadow, Inc. He holds an AB in Architecture from Princeton University.

Jeff Looman, FileShadow VP of Engineering
Jeff Looman
VP Engineering

Jeff has been working in software development for over 35 years, both as an engineer, in engineering management, product management, and product placement strategies. He is currently the Vice President of Engineering at FileShadow, Inc. and has worked for a variety of large companies such as WordPerfect, Novell, Apple Computer, and Corel and small companies such as AccessData, eDepoze, and FileShadow. He has been involved in the production of numerous software packages predominantly focused on business productivity in a collaborative environment, focusing on the needs of individual entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and everything in between. Jeff holds a BS/CS degree with an emphasis in computer science from Brigham Young University.

Andrew Hyde, FileShadow CFO
Andrew Hyde

Andrew is the acting CFO of FileShadow, Inc. He has over 25 years’ experience in the finance industry, with a broad perspective on strategy and execution coupled with a willingness to drive down to the details. He has a history of making order out of chaos, simplicity from complexity, demystifying processes, and creating sustainable business models. Andrew’s specialties are: M&A, SarBox, competitive analysis, and revenue recognition. Andrew holds a MBA from Columbia University and a BA in economics and business administration from Principia college.

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