Custom Tagging: No Longer Just for Graffiti Artists

Diana Hadlock

You asked. We listened. 

One of the most popular product requests we had at Adobe Max 2018 (and in the days since) has been the ability to custom tag files, and to remove auto-generated tags that might not make sense for you and your organizational style, or lack thereof. While artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms are getting better every day, they are not always perfect. (They sure do make life easier though, when you’re not a great file namer/organizer.) 

When you take a bunch of photos of your adorable new puppy, but don’t have time to name or organize them, it’s nice that you can use a generic search term such as “puppy,” “dog” or “golden retriever” to quickly locate them. This is all thanks to the great time savers, AI and ML. However, as a result of the auto-tagging feature, these searches might also bring up more pictures than you need, leaving you to drill down a bit further to find the exact file(s) you want. For instance, it might bring up pictures of a small goat or other small, hairy mammal, mistaking it for a dog, etc.

While this is still a HUGE improvement over file organization of the past, it’s important for you to be able to find the exact file(s) you want quickly without having to spend extra time sifting through excess pictures. For instance, instead of a search for “dog” or “golden retriever,” which will certainly bring up any pictures with those things, wouldn’t it be nice to search for pictures of just your new puppy using his specific name, “Cooper”?

If this is what you so desire, then FileShadow has come through for you in a big way. Newly released FileShadow 4.2 with custom tagging will be a real game changer, and not just for street artists. In addition to auto-generated tags, FileShadow now allows you to custom tag your files and photos as you'd like based on characteristics - location, subject (puppy name), etc. and to remove any auto-generated tags that don’t completely belong or that you do not want associated (i.e. goat, small mammal, etc.). You can even tag a group of photos at a time, super quick and easy.

Now, not only are your files and photos stored in the FileShadow vault a) auto-tagged using AI and ML, b) manually tagged, or auto-tagged using geolocation services on your smartphone or tablet, c) search enhanced using optical character recognition (OCR) for PDF’s... but d) you can tag them with any tags you want (i.e. “Cooper”) so that the files and photos you want appear quickly with less unrelated photos to search through.


So. Easy.

Thanks for reading. We LOVE our customers, and we love your feedback.