How PCWorld tests cloud backup services
June 27, 2024
At least one service, FileShadow, will even connect to and back up your other online storage accounts. This is a definite plus, and generally quicker than using a cloud manager to copy from one service to another.
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FileShadow Review
May 8, 2024
One Place to search for all your files. FileShadow aims to combine all your cloud storage apps.
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Ep. 436: Photographers Weigh In...Again – and more
April 17, 2024
FileShadow can identify people no matter where they are. 45:47 - 49:08
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FileShadow Update Makes It Easier for Photographers to Find Specific Images
April 12, 2024
FileShadow, the Utah based company known for its photography software as a service (SaaS) that allows users to store and organize photos and files from multiple devices, including desktop, mobile, and cloud, has announced enhanced person detection and custom object identification.
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Storage news ticker – March 27
March 27, 2024
FileShadow is a SaaS service that connects user content from wherever those files are located – cloud storage, email, mobile devices, hard drives etc. – to a FileShadow Library.
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FileShadow enhances identification and search for individuals, objects and landmarks in photos with Person Detection and Custom Object Identification
March 21, 2024
FileShadow today announced the launch of Person Detection and Custom Object Identification in images. This feature enhances users’ ability to identify people in photographs, making them searchable when organizing photos around an individual.
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